Fuel management: the detail counts

FOBIF has made a submission to DELWP on the current fire management plan. The ‘fuel reduction’ burns currently planned can be seen on the Department’s excellent interactive map here.

Our submission essentially related to the following:

–We believe burns planned for the Wewak and Helge tracks are far too big—collectively they are far and away the biggest area planned for burning for decades. See our previous posts here , here, and here.

–We have enquired as to the approach to be taken to the Columbine Creek burn, especially in relation to its past burn history. See our post here

–The burn plan envisages another attempt to burn a section of Kalimna Park burned only last year. We ask in what way this year’s attempt will be different. See our post here

–We ask how the Department’s plans for Walmer state forest allow for the presence in the zone of the rare plant Grevillea dryophylla.

We have also asked for clarification as to the relation of the planned burn program to the Fuel Breaks project which is currently under discussion for this region (see Post above). There doesn’t actually seem to be much connection between the two programs—at this stage we’re a little confused by this fact.

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