Mosses of dry forests in south eastern Australia

by Cassia Read and Bernard Slattery

coverA guide for students and absolute beginners – technically accurate, but free of technical language – this is an attempt to present a little known part of the plant kingdom to a new audience.

There are dozens of species described, most with multiple illustrations. See sample page below.

The guide contains an introduction explaining the life cycle of mosses and their importance in the ecosystem; tips on how to approach identification; detailed descriptions of common, striking species; and appendices carefully distinguishing mosses from liverworts and lichens.

Underpinning its publication is the belief that mosses are, before anything else, beautiful: a lot of joy is to be had in exploring this minute dimension of the natural world.


This is a community project of the Friends of the Box-Ironbark Forests generously supported by The Norman Wettenhall Foundation.

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