Committee meetings are open to all members. They are held between 6 and 7 pm at the Castlemaine Community House, 30 Templeton Street, Castlemaine, on the second Monday of the month from March to November.

Dates for 2022 are 14th March, 11th April, 9th May, 13th June, 11th July, 8th August, 12 September, 10 October and 14th November. Contact our secretary, Bernard Slattery on 54705161, if you have any questions.

2022 FOBIF committee office holders are Marie Jones (President), Neville Cooper (Vice President), Bernard Slattery (Secretary) and Lynette Amaterstein (Treasurer). Other committee members are Asha Bannon, Frank Panter, Cassia Reid, Jeremy Holland and Bronwyn Silver.