Native Peas of the Mount Alexander Region

By Bernard Slattery and Bronwyn Silver

Native pea plants in the bush: they’re hard to see when they’re not in flower, and impossible to miss when they are. 

Peas are beautiful, hardy and good for our soils. The problem is that many pea plants have quite similar flowers, which tempts the observer to lump them all together as ‘egg and bacon’ plants. 

In fact, most peas are easy to tell apart. Even the tricky ones aren’t impossible…as long as you’re prepared to get up close and take a good look. 

This guide offers detailed notes on 30 different native peas found in the bushlands of north central Victoria. Written in plain language and generously illustrated, it offers readers a way into a little known part of our natural environment.

The book is published by Friends of the Box-Ironbark Forests in association with Castlemaine Field Naturalists Club and the Wettenhall Environment Trust. The authors are Bernard Slattery and Bronwyn Silver.

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