• Alison Pouliot: ‘We need to do more than simply acquire knowledge, we need to engage our hearts, our imaginations, our creativity’. Read full transcript.

Selected documents on fire

  • Richard Goonan’s account of Bracewell Street fire … view here
  • The Mount Alexander Fiasco … view here – big 3MB PDF
  • FOBIF has written to the Victorian Bushfire Royal Commission on matters to do with the planning of housing developments in or near bushland … 120kb PDF)… view here (120kb PDF).
  • FOBIF views on the fire question: selections from our newsletters… view here (120kb PDF)
  • Conservation organisations submissions to the Victorian Bushfires Royal Commission… view here (80KB PDF)
  • CFA Diamond Gully 2013 response … view here … (big 4.5MB PDF)

Geology Excursion with Clive Willman, 21 March 2021. Written by Cassia Read

Mapping of Weeds in Kalimna Park

Newsletters (March 2008 – December 2012)