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What’s special about this?

A strong group took on FOBIF’s walk to Middleton Creek yesterday, our first open  walk for many months. Middleton Creek is a marvellous waterway, characterised by interesting twists and turns and rocky cliffs. Unfortunately it’s currently overrun with gorse and … Continue reading

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…And what could possibly be special about this?

Think of a small, degraded patch of bush, surrounded by industrial sites and roads, only 4 kilometres from the centre of a sizeable city. It’s a tiny remnant of the ravages of gold fever, ‘symbolic of the way nature is … Continue reading

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Track the threat

Deer were sighted last week in the Middleton Creek area of the Diggings park. This feral species has now been seen in numbers in almost every corner of our region. Every credible community group, including farmers, municipalities and enviro organisations, … Continue reading

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Fire 1: ‘This time, it will be different…?’

FOBIF has received an answer from DELWP fire management to our questions about proposed burns in the Diggings Park in the areas of Helge and Wewak tracks. Readers will remember we asked what lessons the Department had learned from its … Continue reading

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Fire 2: Let’s see what is at stake

The two zones proposed for burning are between the Italian Hill track and the Wewak track, south of Vaughan Springs (see the map in our post). The northern section of this area was burned by the Department in the early … Continue reading

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Making the stones talk

FOBIF’s March ‘walk’ yesterday was a geology tour of the district led by Clive Willman. Good numbers turned up despite the rain, which turned out to be reasonably friendly, though umbrellas did come out at one of the stops. Volcanoes, … Continue reading

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The questions are…

As a follow up to Rob Simons’ recent correspondence with Forest Fire Management about two proposed burns in the Diggings Park (see the comment at the end of our last week’s post), FOBIF has written to DELWP’s Acting Regional Fire … Continue reading

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So: what’s new?

Is public land management governed by science? Or is it by a chaotic mix of politics, self interest and old habits? Let’s not by cynical about this, and see what researchers on public land are finding out. This week the … Continue reading

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Fire: is there a change in the air?

The announcement of a new year of fuel reduction activity by DELWP provokes the usual thoughts: will the program be effective in actually reducing fuel? Will it be properly monitored? Will there be negative effects environmentally and economically (over-hot burns, … Continue reading

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In what might be a world record short time between announcement and cancellation, FOBIF has been forced to call off its Zoom launch of Native Peas of the Mount Alexander Region. The timed launch clashed with an important Connecting Country … Continue reading

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