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Strenuous effort, rich rewards

A strong contingent took on brisk weather and a couple of strenuous climbs on FOBIF’s October walk yesterday. The route took the group from the Railway Dam up to the Fryers fire tower, down to Fryers Creek and up again … Continue reading

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Extensive consultation brings amazing discovery

The latest instalment of DELWP’s Future of our forests newsletter is now online. The newsletter is part of the government’s procedure in updating the Regional Forest Agreement [RFA]. This is a long and complicated story, but FOBIF is a little … Continue reading

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Great spring reading

The September issue of the Wombat Forestcare newsletter is now available online. As usual it’s a great read. You can find it here. The issue includes a terrific article on Currawongs, a sobering item on the effect of rodent poison … Continue reading

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Mount Alexander 1: What price safey?

As we mentioned some weeks ago, visitors to Mount Alexander have been shocked by the tree clearance operation conducted there in the last two months. Enquiries as to the rationale for the works have been a bit of an adventure. … Continue reading

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Mount Alexander 2: How wide should Joseph Young Drive be?

As to providing enough space on the roadside for parking vehicles we’re  sceptical. If DELWP workers are forced to intrude on the road, they could possibly do what workers do on highways: put witches hats out, and warning signs. Of … Continue reading

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And while we’re on the subject, here’s a little reason to slow down

That little blob below is an echidna. We think the pictures speak for themselves.

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Track maintenance: DELWP 1,000, FOBIF 0

In the last 20 years the problem most regularly confronted by FOBIF is that of track ‘improvements.’ We have complained with boring frequency to DELWP and Parks Victoria that almost every time a track is ‘improved’, the ‘improvement’ includes a … Continue reading

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Yet another survey: cabbages or machine guns?

Democracy is a wonderful thing, especially when you consider the alternatives, but democratic governments have a tricky task: they have to get on with the program they were elected to implement, but at the same time be aware of the … Continue reading

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The normalisation of insanity

Every now and then you get the idea that our culture is insanely careering towards a cliff with a gaga look on its face. Mainly this comes from watching television, most particularly the commercials. Some do stand out as particularly … Continue reading

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It’s not Bambi, it’s not cute–and it’s coming to a place near you

More and more deer sightings are being reported from our region, where they were once reasonably uncommon. A herd of 11 was seen in Muckleford last month, and last weekend 7 were sighted in the Gough’s Range State Forest. Reports … Continue reading

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