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Here’s a pretty picture: tell us how nice it is

FOBIF has made a reluctant submission to the current government consultation on forest management. Our reluctance is based on two concerns: These consultations increasingly look like popularity polls, along the lines of the Herald Sun’s daily polls on subjects like, … Continue reading

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It costs a bit to be a beach basher

It seems there’s a niche market for whom there’s nothing quite so enticing as sitting in your $85,000 4WD on a remote beach somewhere, enjoying the sight of your own tyre marks and muttering ecstatically, ‘How pristine is that?’ It’s … Continue reading

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Tarilta Gorge: burned off, washed away

It’s sometimes hard to know what to call DSE burning operations: control burns? Fuel reduction? Ecological burns? Too often none of the above apply: there’s little control, apart from keeping the burn inside the control lines [and as we know, … Continue reading

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