Good times for the Bot Gardens flora and fauna reserve?

Mount Alexander Shire hosted a consultation with interested citizens last week to consider a management plan for the Botanical Gardens flora and fauna reserve. The plan would be implemented in tandem with the gardens conservation management plan, which was open for comments earlier this year.

Weed clearance works along the caravan park border, Castlemaine Botanical Gardens: works on the western side of the creek have significantly improved this area of the gardens.

The meeting revealed a wide area of agreement about the reserve: that is, that the work which has been proceeding steadily over recent years–clearing of weeds and restoration of riparian vegetation– is strongly supported in the community.

For many years enthusiasts have put in work on the west side of Barkers Creek in the gardens, removing Broom, staking out the sinister weeds which have appeared in recent times (Needlegrass being the most threatening)  and conducting surveys for the Eltham Copper Butterfly. The systematic approach by Council staff in this area in recent times has resulted in a significant boost in walker numbers; but the potential for this side of the gardens is high, and it’s to be hoped that the new plan will go a long way to realising that potential.

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2 Responses to Good times for the Bot Gardens flora and fauna reserve?

  1. Helen Butcher says:

    I do hope that te improvements won’t disturb the wildness of the creek and its immediate surrounds.

    • fobif says:

      Hi Helen
      We’re pretty confident that the reserve is in good hands at the moment.
      Bernard Slattery

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