Driving 2: Do gladiators have sensitive thighs?

A regular offender in the matter of promoting tough guy destructive driving is The Age Drive section. Its edition of last Saturday [April 13] featured an extensive review of the Suzuki Gladiator, complete with pics of mud being spattered, and a car conquering an impossible slope.

A strange feature of SUV ads is that in an increasingly urbanised society, they try to flatter the viewer as an intrepid adventurer raring to go out and tear up the world. A chink in the armour of this adventurer was inadvertently  revealed in the Age’s account of the Gladiator.

Generally favourable, the review noted that ‘the front seats… are a bit flat and the cushion lacks under thigh support…’

Our readers will not have failed to note the heroic names attached to most off road vehicles: Wrangler, Gladiator, Ranger, X Trail, etc…We did not previously know, however, that the heroes who thrash these vehicles over our long suffering soil were so sensitive in their  under thighs. Toughen up, Fellas!

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