Eltham Copper Butterfly awareness project

Connecting Country is preparing a grant application to Mount Alexander Shire Council for an Eltham Copper Butterfly project, working with local ecologists Elaine Bayes and Karl Just, seeking funding to monitor and protect this threatened species. FOBIF has agreed to be a partner in the project.

The aim of the project is to raise public awareness about the butterfly, and help develop a small team of citizen scientists trained in ECB monitoring. Castlemaine’s Kalimna Park is home to the largest remaining population of the threatened Eltham Copper Butterfly. However, little is known about this fascinating species, which continues to be threatened by proposed fuel reduction burning. The project uses engagement tools to raise local awareness about the butterfly’s ecology, and builds community skills and capacity to monitor and protect the species into the future.

As we’ve noted below, insect populations worldwide are under pressure, and the more we know about them, the better we will understand how to keep populations healthy. It goes without saying that the presence of the Eltham Copper in Kalimna park is invaluable asset to the community. An example: the annual gathering of the South East Australian Naturalists Association will bring many visitors to this region in October, and one of the attractions will be the chance to see the butterfly…

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