Parks Vic 2: ‘God’s in His heaven and all’s well’

Not that you’d know about pressure and stress by reading the Parks Victoria Report. As is the nature of these documents, it’s nicely illustrated, and full of good news. It might be unfair to call the general tone gaga, but not very unfair. Here’s the introduction, by Chairman of Parks Victoria Board, Andrew Fairley:

PV Annual Report: 'our throat has been cut, and we're feeling just fine.'

PV Annual Report: ‘our throat has been cut, and we’re feeling just fine.’

‘At Parks Victoria, we believe the future is one of excellence, so we have changed how we operated during 2014–15 to significantly improve the way we deliver our services. … The deployment of a new operating model and a new structure in our regions, complemented by realignment across our Corporate Services divisions, has brought considerable transformation to our business…The Parks Victoria Board is extremely excited by these changes…’ Page 8

Get it? What it means  is, ‘Government funding dropped from $96 million to $76 million last year, and we’re doing great!’

A more sober version of the same thing is contained in the financial part of the Report , which nevertheless manages to say that PV ‘achieved’ a deficit of $6 million:

‘Parks Victoria achieved a net result from transactions of $6.226 million deficit for the 30 June 2015 financial year. This was in line with expectations and follows a challenging financial period due to a decline in funding for Parks Victoria’s core operations [FOBIF emphasis].Throughout the 2014–15 financial year Parks Victoria continued to drive operational improvements through a restructure of its Regional Services operations. ..’ page 25

It’s pretty clear from this report that budget cuts are only one problem for Parks. Just as important is the corporate speak that dresses up savage budget cuts as ‘improvements’.

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2 Responses to Parks Vic 2: ‘God’s in His heaven and all’s well’

  1. Brian Stant says:

    I just made a big fuss with PV and with the help of Maree Edwards , also writing to various organisations, relevelent – about the state of Heron’s Cottage – Fryerstown Diggings and the Welsh Village, Nimrod. From which I have been given assurances by PV my concerns will be attended to.
    I know all about their budgetry constraints, but if some of us (especially if we are not aligned with a group) don’t make a fuss, nothing will change.
    Regards, Brian Stant

  2. Jill says:

    Yes, the cuts continue … since the 90’s. When I worked at what was then Melbourne Water, services in the Parks were cut until, in the words of one prominent manager, ‘the public screams – then we will know that we’ve gone far enough’!

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