FOBIF AGM 12 August: Geoff Park presentation

As mentioned in a previous post Geoff Park will be our guest speaker at the FOBIF AGM on 12 August in the Senior Citizens Centre, Mechanics Lane at 7.30. 

Woodland birds in central Victoria – historical observations, current status and future prospects

Woodland birds are an iconic and special element of the box-ironbark forests and woodlands of central Victoria. The impacts of European settlement, from gold-mining to agricultural intensification, have contributed to a steady decline in species diversity and populations. This decline is now being exacerbated by the clear and present effects of climate change.

 Geoff’s talk will span some historical perspectives on what are now locally extinct or rare woodland bird species, discuss what we think we know about the current situation and consider options and possibilities for future conservation efforts.

Flame Robin (adult male), Rise and Shine Bushland Reserve, 26th June 2024 (Geoff Park,  Natural Newstead)

There are several vacancies on the FOBIF committee and we are encouraging interested people to consider joining. There is a link for nomination forms and more information  here.

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