No news is…well, no news

The first issue of the Barwon Otway Bushfire Risk Landscape newsletter is out. It can be found here. As we’ve previously reported, this risk landscape approach has been put up as a model of future more efficient landscape management. The problem is that no actual info on what it means on the ground has been forthcoming so far.

Readers can judge for themselves, but we can’t see that the newsletter improves matters. It contains passages like ‘The Strategic Bushfire Risk Assesment & Strategy Selection Project… investigates new approaches to develop a range of possible future fire management strategies, and select one strategy for implementation using a rigourous [sic], transparent decison-support [sic] process that captures stakeholder preferences.  This project is expected to be completed by December 2014 and will inform future versions of the Strategic Bushfire Management Plan.’

If that means anything, it means, wait till December.

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