This bridal is creepy

FOBIF is following up its initial 2010 attack on bridal creeper around the giant yellow box alongside the Great Dividing Trail, with another shot at making an impact on this unpleasant weed. The site is a hundred metres from the point where the GDT crosses Forest Creek, and is a veritable wilderness of every imaginable bad weed in this area.

Our efforts are clearly very modest, and a more coordinated effort will be needed taking into consideration the values of the area, the extensive revegetation work done by landcare groups from Golden Point right through to Castlemaine, and the important issues of flood mitigation and fire risk minimisation. Tentative efforts to devise a coordinated plan for Forest Creek have been mooted in recent years, and now Max Schlacter, a Melbourne University post graduate student, has undertaken to prepare such a plan, in cooperation with Connecting Country and interested other groups. We will update on this project as it develops.

The Friends of Kalimna Park have also embarked on an ambitious bridal creeper clearance program along Moonlight Creek, on the eastern edge of the Park.

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