The collapse of civilisation–a progress report

Signs: what do they mean? And, especially, what does it mean that a lot of the signs around our parks are pretty decrepit?

We posed this question a couple of years ago when we published this photo of a sign on Poverty Gully:

Poverty Gully sign, July 2018: on its way out…

We’re still not sure of the answer to the question, but we can offer a progress report on the sign:

The same sign, April 2020: going, going…

The detached bit has completely disappeared. In short, the sign’s on its way to total oblivion, replaced, for the moment, by a beer bottle.

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6 Responses to The collapse of civilisation–a progress report

  1. Dino Cevolatti says:

    I think the idea is to spin the bottle to decide which way to go!

  2. Jan Hall says:

    When will the cards be available again & where from?

    jan hall

  3. Cassia Read says:

    These photos also provide evidence of an increase in the number of bush tracks (note the new track on the right). Perhaps bewildered walkers are going off route without decent signage? Or perhaps roos are expanding their network as human civilisation crumbles?

  4. Joyce Sanders says:

    You know, I really don’t think it is the “Collapse of Civilisation” (unless we consider Civilisation as “the bad guys”). I think I could really get used to this no cars, no cruise ships, no gaming venues, and (apologies to football fans) no football.

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