Engaged, again…enraged, again?

Engage Victoria is running another community survey, this time on Loddon Mallee biodiversity. As we’ve suggested before, these ‘public engagement’ exercises can be seen either as praiseworthy efforts to get the public onside, or time wasting exercises whose only result is to tell us what we know already.

The survey can be found here.

Do the questions engage, or just enrage? Are the results going to be stunning revelations? You be the judge. Here are the questions:

‘What areas of Loddon Mallee are of biodiversity value to you?

‘Why are these areas important?

‘Are you aware of any priority species in these areas?

‘Are you aware of any threats to these species or biodiversity areas?

‘Please list your top 5 areas in order of priority

‘Is your organisation or group carrying out works in any of these areas?


‘Are you aware of other groups in the region that are carrying out works in these areas?

‘Are there any challenges in relation to volunteering in your region?

‘How can the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning support groups volunteering in the region?’

The consultation closes on June 1.

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