COVID 19: FOBIF walks cancelled

With great regret we have suspended the 2020 FOBIF Walks Program due to the COVID-19 health crisis and the current regulations and restrictions.  The April geology tour is therefore cancelled, and subsequent walks are also called off. When the program resumes we’ll post details on this site.

The April FOBIF committee meeting will not take place and future meetings will be managed by electronic link-up.

Please continue to follow our web page as it’s a great way to keep in touch; and we hope that you all enjoy our wonderful bush over the coming months.

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3 Responses to COVID 19: FOBIF walks cancelled

  1. Juliana Hurley says:

    Yes I’ll much miss the scheduled FOBIF walks for the year or most of it seems.
    Was looking forward to Clive’s walk and an excellent season of good walks.
    It would be great if we were able to enjoy a couple of Soribg walks as it could be a good year in the bush.

    I’m walking every day and look forward to joining FOBIF friends again.

  2. NO NAME says:

    I actually think it’s totally inappropriate to cancel FOBIF walks. I lot of people

    need those bushwalks to keep ones mental normalness. (I actually wasn’t going

    on the April activity either.) Can we have a private little group doing walks?

    I’d like to be part of it if possible.

    • fobif says:

      We understand this objection: there’s no doubt the current restrictions will have an impact on people’s mental well being.

      But the brute fact is that medical experts are telling us the restrictions are necessary to contain the spread of COVID 19. Further, we’d be legally liable if we organised any gathering of more than two people.

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