A couple of ways to stay connected . . .

Andrew Skeoch, is live streaming his morning bushwalks each day on his listening earth FB page – starting 7.30am. Andrew is a well-known environmentalist and nature sound recordist who lives on a large bush block in Strangways. Watching his daily one hour video is a great way to forget about being cooped up. You can visually immerse yourself in the bush while listening to Andrew’s interesting commentary and a variety of bird calls which are of course all identified by Andrew.

You can view this Monday’s walk (April 6) here

Andrew Skeoch

Paula Peeters Froggy colouring book is another possibility. This electronic PDF book is free and according to local frog expert, Elaine Bayes, ‘is a work of art and totally scientifically correct for flora and fauna’. It follows the Southern Bell Frog’s journey, from tiny egg, to tadpole, to a young frog.

This is one of the book’s pages.

Paula Peeters has an interesting website with lots of other nature resources.

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2 Responses to A couple of ways to stay connected . . .

  1. Joyce Sanders says:

    Our local Rotary Club has a “feel goods” list every week for members, and I put Andrew Skeoch’s virtual bushwalk down for mine this week. At first I thought, “hmm, this is pretty slow and quiet,” but then he started picking up and identifying more bird calls, until he finally zoomed in on the Scarlet Robin. That was a moment of pure joy!
    Just a few points: if he could always identify each bird call, even after the 3rd or 4th time heard, it would ingrain the sounds a bit better for us learners. And if he knows any other of the trees or plant species, his identification would be most welcome. Thank you so much Andrew. I last had this experience when doing walks with the Deniliquin Field Nats back in the days when they had a CSIRO branch in Deni and all of the staff belonged to this rare Field Nats group!

  2. Pam says:

    I wish Andrew could organise unofficial bushwalks for anyone.

    I live for bushwalking and am missing it very much.

    I also don’t have a car therefore can’t go far. I live in north Castlemaine.

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