The normalisation of insanity

Every now and then you get the idea that our culture is insanely careering towards a cliff with a gaga look on its face.

Mainly this comes from watching television, most particularly the commercials. Some do stand out as particularly moronic, however.

Still from AAMI commercial: the message is that it’s a bad thing to have to scoot to school; and that only transport by car is acceptable for children.

Here’s an example: a commercial currently running on TV for AAMI insurance, which runs the line that it’s a terrible humiliation for children to have to scoot to school, because the family car is under repair.

If you can bear it, you can see it here.

The Australian Cycle Federation puts it well:

‘25% of Australian kids are obese or overweight (and two thirds of adults)

‘60% of all car passenger trips in the morning peak are for children being driven to primary/ secondary school (traffic congestion, much?)

‘75% of primary school kids live within 10-15 mins walking / scooter distance of school.

‘See a correlation?

‘Making out dad to be a dork, and the kids reluctant to scooter because “no one else does it” not only discourages healthy social norms, it is also clearly not true. Most kids love the opportunity to ride or scooter to school if given the chance.

‘Grow up please AAMI.’

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1 Response to The normalisation of insanity

  1. Ben says:

    We live in a binary world. For every person devoting their energy to get us to drink bottled water, there is another person trying to convince us not to drink bottled water. What we need is a unified universe. In the unified universe each distinct peice of matter has a matching peice of anti-matter. When they collide they both disintegrate.
    What we must do is match up all the polar opposites and convince them that if they both do nothing at all, it will be the same as both of them competing with each other. They can take the day off and smell the flowers, have a chat, have sex, fall in love……
    We can call this game ‘Match Up’. Lots of people can play it. If you drive from Castleemaine to Bendigo every day to work as a shop assistant, we can match you up with someone that drives from Bendigo to Castlemaine every day to work as a shop assistant. Then you can both sleep in a bit longer and walk to work.

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