Promoting bad behaviour in the bush

What a great photo! No nonsense about ‘keeping to formed tracks,’ which is the law on Victoria’s public land. This is the latest piece of cowboy propaganda from The Age [24/8], which shares with numerous 4WD ads on TV an obsession with bashing waterways. The article inside, interestingly enough, doesn’t make any reference to driving in rivers. It does refer to ‘slaying deserts’, however, just to keep alive its message: nature is there to be tamed. Well, slain, actually.

Hey ho! Let’s show the environment who’s boss! The Age Drive continues its promotion of bad behaviour in the bush.

Is there a better way of being adventurous? If there is, you won’t find out about it in Drive. And as long as journals like The Age pour out cowboy propaganda, the few people who do drive like cowboys will feel encouraged and authorised to do it.

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