Mount Alexander: on a less poetic note…

On a less poetic note: FOBIF has asked Parks Victoria for the rationale of the extensive vegetation removal along Joseph Young drive on Mount Alexander. Of course, safety is an obvious explanation, but we’re still a bit befuddled as to the logic of the particular removals. The simple fact is that the only way to make this road (or any similar road) safe in violent winds is to remove every tree within thirty metres, which would completely destroy the environment of the area and remove most of the reason for going there. Is the road safer now than it was before the removals? We’re not sure. We’ll let you know when–or if–we find out the criteria for removals.

Trees have been removed along the length of Joseph Young Drive, on Mount Alexander. It’s hard to see why some have been taken and not others…or in fact to understand the rationale at all.

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  1. Joyce Sanders says:

    I worry so much about the increasing removal of trees by VicRoads and Councils with the inevitable justification of the risk of trees to the public. With two tree-falling deaths over the weekend, the tree-felling will only be ramped up. I wish we could all put our tree defences into words to establish a good and ongoing argument that we will need for these continuously risk-averse, tree-felling groups.

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