Let’s talk rubbish

Engage Victoria is running a new consultation, this one being on litter and rubbish dumping in regional areas, including Mount Alexander shire.

The consultation involves a questionnaire of 34 questions, and will include a workshop in Bendigo on August 28. For details click here.

Forest Creek at the Wheeler Street bridge: milk and soft drink containers with an assortment of other throwaways permanently decorate the surface. Bad behaviour is one part of the rubbish problem: but the major one is the mass production of disposable stuff.


FOBIF is a little cynical about these consultations, as we pointed out in connection with the forest consultation of last year. Some people have even dubbed the process the ‘Enrage Victoria’ enterprise, because of the irrelevance or triviality of some of the questions asked.

In the current case, the questions seem irritatingly designed to make us forget that the origin of the rubbish problem is the creation, on a mass scale, of throwaway stuff. Control of the source of the problem is on the face of it more effective than trying to stem a tidal wave of junk.

Nevertheless, it might be worth having a go at the survey questions,  if only to make that point.

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