Forest management survey

DELWP is currently running an online survey to gauge community attitudes to forest management. According to a Department press release,

‘The Forest Reform Program is the bringing together of land and fire managers, Traditional Owners and Victorian communities to plan and deliver integrated forest and fire management across the state.

‘The aim of the program is to deliver great community value from our forests to all Victorians.

‘This process includes a clear commitment to work in partnership with Traditional Owners to deliver the Forest Reform Program and manage Victoria’s forests into the future.”

‘The survey is giving people an opportunity to provide their views on what they value in our forests, how forest management can be improved and what they would like from forests in the future.’

You can find the survey here. It suffers from the very serious fault of all voluntary surveys: namely, by definition it is not a random survey of a cross section of the population. Instead, it records the views of those most interested in promoting their views. All the same, it’s at least a partial indicator of what people think, and we recommend you have a go.

The survey closes on March 31.

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