A walk in the winter sun

Occasional violent gusts of cold wind didn’t change the basic picture: Sunday was a bright winter day, perfect for a brisk stroll over to the Welsh Village from Chinaman’s Point via the Garfield Wheel and Sailors Gully, with a return along Forest Creek. Wattles are getting into their stride, and Dusty Miller was flowering abundantly along Sailors Gully.

Walkers take a break in Sailors Gully. Photo by Bernard Slattery

The village is at its atmospheric best in winter, and a strong group on FOBIF’s September walk enjoyed that atmosphere to the full: the forest setting, the abandoned buildings and mine works, and the dramatic nearby slate quarry walls made for an exhilarating experience.

Our thanks to Barb Guerin and Lionel Jenkin for guiding the group through the labyrinth of tracks around the village.

Next month’s walk is in the Fryers Ranges—sure to be abundant with wildflowers. Check the program for details.

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  1. Dominique Lavie says:

    Nice to see the welsh village. One day I hope to get there

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