And on the subject of lerps, pardalotes and others…

While we’re on the subject of encouraging good bird habitat, readers may be interested in these two events:

First, you can do your bit for the pardalote! Earth to pardalote is a workshop on how to create win-win gardens for people and wildlife. It’s being run by Cassia Read next Saturday from 10 to 12 at the Diggers Store, 61 Main Road Campbell’s Creek. She’ll be talking about the essential elements you can add to your garden to build backyard biodiversity and garden food webs; and will then run a workshop to guide participants through how they can nudge their own garden in a wildlife friendly direction. The cost is $15, and bookings can be made via this link:  UPDATE: THIS WORKSHOP HAS BEEN CANCELLED.

Second, Either side of the big wet is a free seminar being run next Monday at the Arthur Rylah Institute [123 Brown Street Heidelberg] from 11 am. Southern Australia is expected to experience long sequences of severe rainfall deficits under climate- change models based on IPCC emission scenarios. These droughts, such as occurred from 1997-2010  (the Big Dry), are projected to be punctuated by short periods of above-average rainfall (e.g. the Big Wet of 2010-12).

The seminar will present research on the prospects for Box Ironbark flora and fauna under this scenario. And if you can’t make it to distant Heidelberg, there’s a webinar: details can be found at

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  1. Chris says:

    The hyperlink to the Earth-to-Pardalote event tickets doesn’t seem to work.

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