Have a say about waste

The State Government is currently running a number of online public consultations under its Engage Victoria process. You can sign up for this easily by going to https://engage.vic.gov.au/

Two current consultations are of interest to us: one is on the decision to phase out single use plastic bags, and the other on the banning of e-waste from landfill. Both are on the face of it good policies, but as in everything the implementation could make or break them. For example, the government has allocated d $15 million to design and implement a program to upgrade Victoria’s e-waste collection network, and $1.5 million on public education on e- waste. Is this enough, or will we see an increasing number of TV sets and computers dumped in our bushlands?

When you register, you can find out about current consultations at https://engage.vic.gov.au//waste

Consultations on these matters close on January 25.

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