Roll up! Roll up!

Ah…Facebook. FOBIF is a bit derelict, we have to confess, in putting material on its Facebook page; interpret that as you like…

And we’re not great at following other Facebook pages, or at coping with social media generally. Twitter? Oh…must think about that…Instagram? Um, er…

But this week our attention was drawn to Parks Victoria’s Facebook page, which had a pic of Expedition Pass reservoir, and the advice:

‘Feeling the heat? Come along and enjoy Expedition Pass Reservoir near Castlemaine. It’s a great spot for the family to enjoy a swim in the cool waters.’

More than one of the responses on the page pointed out that it was pretty astonishing that Parks should be promoting the Res as a hot weather destination when it’s already stressed to the limit on hot days, that parking there is sometimes a nightmare, and that there are unresolved problems with dogs.

Maybe someone in Parks’ Melbourne office was looking for something to put on the Page, and didn’t worry too much about local conditions. In any case, you sometimes do get the impression that Parks Victoria’s management is much more interested in pretty promotions than providing the resources to protect our environment. Maybe we need more rangers, and less promotion?

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