Have a good Christmas

The FOBIF committee wishes all members and supporters a happy Christmas and a great summer.

This will be the last post on this site for a few weeks, barring unforeseen matters needing comment. Members will receive a letter in the mail around the start of February next year with the 2017 walks program on it.

It will also carry a reminder that membership subscriptions for 2017 are falling due. At $10 a head or $15 a family it’s one of history’s great bargains, so don’t hold back!


Wetland ecologist Damien Cook and two of the 20 people who came along to the FOBIF’s end of the year Bells Swamp walk and lunch last Saturday. During the morning Damien identified over 20 plants and covered the environmental history and ecological significance of the area. Everyone appreciated his knowledgable and engaging commentary. Photo: Bronwyn Silver

More photos from the walk taken by Harley Parker.


Wading in the eastern part of the swamp.




Damien addressing the group on a branch of an ancient Grey Box. This tree ‘drowned’ in the 2011 flood.

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