A Magnificence of Raptors


Nankeen Kestrel. Photo Geoff Park

It’s always a special feeling – that tingling mixture of excitement and awe when you catch sight of a bird of prey on the wing. And then the question comes – “what is it?”. If you’ve asked yourself this question, or don’t quite know how to pick a Nankeen Kestrel from a Brown Falcon, or a Little Eagle from a Whistling Kite, or if you would like to know what the differences are between falcons, kites, goswhawks and eagles, our September presentation is for you.

Geoff Park, renowned wildlife blogger of “Natural Newstead” and Eureka prize winner will guide us through the majestic world of the raptors of Newstead. We will learn about their various lifestyles, what they need to thrive and how to tell them apart.

The presentation will be on Thursday Sept 15 at 8 pm at Newstead Community Centre. All are welcome to attend. Gold coin donations would be appreciated.

For further information ring Patrick Kavanagh 0437 663 345 or Frances Cincotta 5476 2691


Whistling Kites of Joyces Creek. Photo Geoff Park

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