FOBIF/Connecting Country Walk

group at Andrews

The group resting at the end of the walk to the dam near the corner of the property.

The combined FOBIF/Connecting Country walk on 20 March was an enormous success. The weather was wonderful, Andrew Skeoch and Sarah Koschak’s Strangways property was the perfect location for a guided walk, and it turned out to be a great way to conclude the Feathered Five Festival. There were over 60 walkers who split into three groups led by Asha Bannon, Tanya Loos and Andrew Skeoch. Forty-one different species of birds were observed and five mammals: an Eastern Grey Kangaroo, a Swamp Wallaby, an Echidna, a Yellow-footed Antechinus and a Koala.

Photo taken by Geraldine Harris

Photo taken by Geraldine Harris

For a full report on the walk have a look at the ConnectingCountry Facebook page which includes a series of terrific photos taken by Dean McLaren.

Thanks to Andrew and Sarah for sharing their property with us and helping to organise the day. Also thanks to the walks leaders and others who put time into organising the day.

Our next FOBIF walk will be on 17 April in the the Yapeen/Guildford plateau area. It will be guided by Max Kay with guests Julian Hollis and Maurie Dynon. More detail can be found on the FOBIF walks page. There is no need to book for this one.

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  1. Geraldine Harris says:

    Beautiful photo of the group Bronwyn. All those smiling faces in such a lovely setting convey the success of the excursion so well.

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