Water on the Great Dividing Trail!

It’s well known that one of the problems with walking on the GDT is the lack of water, which probably discourages some walkers from undertaking ambitious distances on the track.

A small dent in this problem is about to be made, with the launch of the GDT’s  FIRST watering point on the Leanganook Track section of the Goldfields Track (between Bendigo and Castlemaine) next Friday [October 16].

It’s located East of the Goldfields Track, next to the Coliban Channel and near the Parks Victoria dry campsite.  Mandurang South Road is close by. It’s on map 30 of the Goldfields Track Walking Guide .

Coliban Water is GDTA’s partner in this great initiative and importantly, they have announced that they will ‘host’ the tank for track users. If the system works for walkers and bike riders there’s a chance more tanks will be put in on the track.

The launch will be at 11 am, and it’s catered. FOBIF members are invited to attend: RSVP to Alison Lanigan at gdtatrail@gmail.com


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