The Big Tree: does it really need the doctor?

The Guildford Progress Association has written a considered letter to the Mount Alexander Shire to express concern over plans to prune the tree in the interests of its long term health [see our Post]. It essentially argues that the proposed pruning is unnecessary and potentially damaging to the tree. The Association’s letter can be found at this link. The letter is worth reading for the detailed case it makes for leaving the tree as it is, naturally altered by the cyclone of early this year; and it asks that the Council supply a credible arborist assessment before any work is done on the tree.

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  1. Carlo Canteri says:

    Seeking the advice of an arborist re a heritage tree is the most dangerous course of action possible. In order for these people to practice they must not only have a licence but they must also INSURANCE.

    Therefore they can give only two sorts of advice: A). severe pruning and mutilation in order that it be made safe, for purpose of safeguarding their own insurance; or B). complete removal of the tree in order that it be made safe, for purpose of safeguarding their own insurance.

    In either case you will pay twice, and severely, for the destruction of your ( our) beloved tree which must be the best part of a millennium old.

    There is only one way for the Community to save its tree – immediately form a Big Tree Protection Group, construct a telephone tree and have Guilford locals act as Cockatoos to summon us angry ants to form a ring around the tree if the execution squad shows up…

    My no. is 0431 429 254 and I can be there from Newstead in less than 10 minutes.

    Start now, there is no time to lose – we must save our tree! BTW, leaving the limb-fall in place makes a lot of environmental sense to me.

    This is the only way to get the Council to back off. And perhaps we should stand a suite of Community Independents at the next council elections?

    best regards,
    Carlo Canteri

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