September youth walk

Nioka Mellick-Cooper has supplied us with the following account of FOBIF’s September youth walk:

‘What did you do on Fathers Day? Did you stay at home, did you go out for lunch? On Fathers Day, I ran a bush walk for youths and their fathers. It was a perfect day, and we got a total of 18 walkers. With sons, daughters, fathers and even mothers participating.

'A good way to end the year': some of the group at the end of the September youth walk.

‘A great way to finish the year’: some of the group at the end of the September youth walk.

‘The walk took place at the Garfield Waterwheel, but we met and signed in at the Continuing Ed building. On the walk, we were lucky enough to have Marie Jones with us, to guide us along and give us extra information regarding the surrounding area. The walk took us roughly two hours with only one short snack and water break. We saw many things, including mine shafts, all sorts of birds, and of course, the esteemed wheel. As we returned to the starting spot, we could smell the cooked lunch waiting for us that was very filling and was the perfect thing to finish of a day of walking. We took the walkers back to the Continuing Ed where everyone received a gift bag to take home with them. The gift bag included a flora guide, bird guide, torch, chocolate bar (great for bushwalking!), and camping spoon/fork. Overall, the walk was a success and it was a great way to finish the year.’

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