Bright winter sunshine, obscure corners

A bitterly cold morning didn’t deter FOBIF walkers from tackling some obscure corners of the Columbine and Salters Creeks valleys on Sunday. The corners turned out to be even more obscure than intended when a navigation error by walk leader Bernard Slattery landed the group in an unexpected approach to Salters Creek. Well, as the great Paddy Pallin might have said, in this country you’re ‘never quite lost’, and we all emerged triumphant and on time.

The walk included a look at one of Doug Ralph’s favourite haunts: Charlie Sanger’s hut, near Columbine Creek. As usual, we provided perfect winter weather for the occasion.

Lunch at Salter's Creek

Lunch at Salters Creek

Walkers at the Sanger hug. Photo by Noel YOung

Walkers at Sanger’s hut site. Photo by Noel Young

Bernard addressing the group at Sanger's hut site.

Bernard addressing the group at Sanger’s hut site.

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