Draft Fire Operations Plan released

The draft fire operations plan for Murray Goldfields district has been released, and is open for public comment till August 31. The full plan can be found here, or can be seen at the Mount Alexander Shire offices in Lyttleton Street.

The Plan is similar to last year’s document, but contains some new proposed burns, mostly small in area, close to Castlemaine and Newstead.

Members are encouraged to have a look at the plan as a whole, and in particular the new proposed burns, and to express an interest in the areas they are most familiar with.

It should be noted that in spite of an increased interest in conducting small, strategic fuel reductions that might actually protect the public from bushfire, the government is charging ahead with its rolling target of burning five per cent of public land per year. The target for 2014-5 is 385,942 hectares; for each of the following two years it’s over 450,000 ha.

Submissions to the Plan should be sent to

Program Manager
Planned Burning and Roading
PO Box 905
Mildura VIC 3502
or to

FOBIF will be making a submission to the Plan in the next couple of weeks.


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  1. There is one VERY LARGE burn that is new in the Muckleford Forest – it is shown in the FOP as “already approved” but I think this is not correct and I have alerted DEPI to this mistake. The burn is called MGFCASO24 and it is called Gower-Cemetery Road and it is 672.1 ha and again in an LMZ! There will be more on Muckleford Forest burns on the Muckleford Forest blog – see the link under Blogroll in the sidebar or go to http://mucklefordforest.wordpress.com/


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