Have a look at the Wombat Forestcare Newsletter

forestcare-newsletterWombat Forestcare is a community group dedicated to protecting and enhancing the natural ecosystems of the Wombat Forest and surrounding areas. They publish a regular online-newletter full of interesting articles about the forest, their activities and biodiversity issues. Contributions to the newsletter are lengthy, well-research and accompanied by high quality photos.

The ten-page December issue, for example, includes the following articles: ‘Nooks and Grannies – The Wombat’s Woody Elders (Alison Pouliot);  ‘Who is eating the truffles?’ (John Walter); Camera Project Update (Gayle Osborne);  Trevor’s Bird Page (Trevor Speirs); Sprung (a humorous article by Alison Pouliot about dumped mattresses in the bush) and Growing up in the Wombat (Judy Weatherhead). Click on the banner above to view this issue.

If you would like to be contacted when a new issue is published you can be included on an email list by contacting Gayle Osborne (info@wombatforestcare.org.au) or just check the Wombat Forestcare Inc website from time to time.

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