A management plan for Forest Creek?

A draft management plan for forest Creek, prepared by Max Shlacter for Connecting Country, in consultation with various community groups [including FOBIF], residents and agencies, is now in circulation. It can be found here

The informative and interesting plan divides the creek into four sections: from Expedition Pass to the Monster meeting site; from the Monster meeting site to Colles Road bridge; from Colles Road bridge to the Pyrenees highway; and from there to the confluence with Barkers Creek. It acknowledges that it is impossible–and probably undesirable–to restore the creek to a pre 1850s state,  but sets out ways this area can be improved. In doing this, it clearly canvasses the many challenges facing creek managers, in particular reconciling flood control, ecological health and fire issues.

Responses to the plan are invited: write to info@connectingcountry.org.au by December 4.


Forest Ck track, gouged by floodwaters, January 2011. The challenge is to develop a restoration policy which will protect the creek and surrounds while allaying fears about flood and fire. Photo: Bernard Slattery

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