Fifteen Trees supports community groups, landowners and environmental groups by providing them with trees for planting. The trees are paid for by individuals and companies who wish to make a contribution to the greening of our native environment.

There is no charge for the trees. Private landowners can have up to 60 trees (in lots of 15) while community groups (planting on public land) can apply for a lot more. The organisation only asks that you send them photos of the trees/plants two weeks after they are planted. To find out more about how you can obtain free plants for your property click here.  (Note that the website says that you can use your own local nursery if you send them the details, or you can use one of the existing affiliated nurseries – the nearest of which seems to be the Neangar Nursery in Eaglehawk.  If you are to pursue this opportunity, it would be good to get advice from a local nursery specialising in locally indigenous plants to ensure that you get appropriate tree species for your property.)

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