Kalimna tourist road: in spite of the best intentions…

We have received a reply from the Mount Alexander Shire to our concerns about the incremental widening of the Kalimna Tourist road. We have been assured by the Infrastructure manager and Superintendent of works that road crews are aware of the problem, and conscious of the natural values on roadsides like this one.

We have no reason to doubt these assurances, but the brute fact remains that the road is getting wider. The sad sign half concealed in vegetation at the top of Lyttleton Street, warning us: ‘Danger–Narrow Road’ is a sign of a past era. The road is now over eight metres wide in places, and the widening is most pronounced on slopes, where workers have had to put in gutters to get excess water away.

Kalimna Tourist road: the problem of incremental widening needs to be looked at for unsealed roads generally.

It’s not our business to be telling Council how to do its job, but there is clearly a problem here. A similar problem arose two years ago in the National Heritage Park. When FOBIF complained to Parks Victoria about road widening, Parks responded by drawing up more specific guidelines for road maintenance. This may be an option for Council, and we have written suggesting it as a possible solution.

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