Signs of hope

Nearly 4,000 cars take the Midland Highway through Campbells Creek every day. It’s a fair bet few of the drivers notice the row of trees along the east side of the highway opposite Moscript street. Well, it’s not a good idea for drivers to be gazing anywhere except at the road, of course. But if you happen to be in that area, pause and take a look: you’ll see a row of possibly the biggest Silver Banksias in the district.

Main Road/Midland Highway, Campbells Creek: that row of trees you may not have noticed is a sign of something pretty significant…

Planted by Friends of Campbells Creek over 20 years ago, some of them have reached an impressive size…and they’ve been flowering for weeks now. You can’t appreciate that part unless you actually stop and have a good look.

…especially if you get up close and have a good look.

It’s worth it: and it’s a small sign of a process of healing the damage done to the region when this species was practically eradicated here over a century ago. Banksias used to be widespread in this region. Seeing healthy specimens along Campbells and Forest creeks is a hopeful sign of better times to come?

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3 Responses to Signs of hope

  1. Lyn Rule says:

    The banksias planted along the Campbells Creek Track were looking very happy today.

  2. Jess D says:

    Thank you for sharing! And while people are having a look: The biggest Silver Banksia I have ever seen is two doors north of Mt Alexander Hardware in Campbells Creek – right there in a front yard.

  3. Vera says:

    Well it was oils be wonderful to encourage Landcare groups to o plant more if these beautiful specimen trees. Well done Campbells Creek!

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