A downbeat note: the destruction goes on

A downbeat note for FOBIF’s walkers along Wewak track yesterday was the sight of yet more evidence of timber theft along this track.

Wewak Track, July 16: FOBIF has regularly reported destruction of this kind along the track.

Wewak track seems to be a favourite spot for timber thieves, and their efforts are threatening to strip this picturesque track of its better trees. Parks Victoria seems to be powerless to stop the destruction. Thieves operate comfortably, sure in the belief that the last person they can expect to see in this bush is a ranger: readers of this site will be familiar with our observations on the under resourcing of our parks.

We’ve been assured by Parks in the past that the problem is being tackled at the distribution end. The method doesn’t seem to be working: and of course things are not helped by the explosion in the cost of home heating….

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