Perfect walking weather!..Almost

A solid group challenged a gloomy morning to take on FOBIF’s April walk into Gough’s Range state forest yesterday. In fact, the dull skies were a fraud, and the morning was fresh but mostly sunny. The forest, after an inch or two of rain, was looking pretty good, and unusually featured flowing water in the gullies–and even a lake! OK, not a lake, but a reasonable patch of water in the old mining valley.

Something you don’t see every day: standing water in Gough’s Range SF.

Wildflowers are rare at this time, but this forest is notable for its large stands of Varnish Wattle, and some impressive spread of Buloke saplings on the Upper Track. Come the wattle flowering season, this forest will be seriously spectacular.

Views from the top of the range are always great, and yesterday was no exception both on the east and western sides.

Our thanks to Harley Parker and Lynette Amaterstein for taking us into this under appreciated corner of the region.

Next month’s walk is centred on the Mount Lofty Natural Features Reserve [On May 21, not May 28!]. Check the timetable for details.

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