Fun facts, not so fun facts

Did you know that some large dragonflies can reach speeds of 70 kilometres an hour?

This intriguing info can be found in the latest issue of Wombat Forestcare magazine.

Australian Emperor (Anax papuensis) in a Norwood Hill dam. Dragonflies are carnivorous and can eat hundreds of mosquitoes in a day.

The issue contains an informative article about dragonflies, as well as some less fun facts about salvage logging in the Wombat-Cobaw area. Here’s a sample:

‘Following several visits to the Cobaws, it is hard not to be cynical when considering the government’s response to the storm damage there. While the removal of logs and dangerous trees on or close to tracks that impede fire mitigation is logical and appropriate, the use of large heavy machinery in sensitive habitats seems totally unwarranted. Once the logs have been removed it is expected that DEECA will conduct fuel reduction burns to reduce the amount of residual bush litter left following the salvage logging.

‘ If other fire affected parts of the Cobaws are anything to go by, this will see an abundant growth of bracken, which virtually excludes other types of understory, which is a very negative outcome in terms of a healthy biodiversity.’

You can read the magazine online here.

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