Final 2022 FOBIF walk

A sizeable group attended the last FOBIF walk of the year in a remote part of Fryers Range State Forest. Starting at Sugarbag Track, Alex Panelli led the group for 5 km of off track walking. The understory had an abundance of wildflowers and highlights included finding Brown-clubbed Spider Orchids, Plumed Greenhoods and a small waterfall that had benefitted from recent rains. 

Waterfall (Bronwyn Silver)

Plumed Greenhood Pterostylis plumosa (Bronwyn Silver) Brown-clubbed Spider Orchid Caladenia parva (Euan Moore)

We saw flowers of every colour of the rainbow, plus some!
RED – Downy Grevillea;
ORANGE – Dwarf Bush-pea;
YELLOW – Gold-dust and Hedge Wattles, Erect Guinea-flower, Yam Daisy (Myrnong), Primrose Goodenia, and Handsome Flat-pea;
GREEN – Plumed Greenhood and Greencomb Spider-orchids;
VIOLET – Wax-lip Orchid and Native Violet;
PURPLE – Rough Mint-bush;
MAGENTA – Pink Bells;
PALE PINK – Pink Beard-heath and Pink Fingers (orchid);
CREAM – Creamy Candles and Red Box:
WHITE – Early Nancies, Common Beard-Heath, Caladenia (orchid) and Fairy Wax-flower.
List compiled by Frances Cincotta

Thank to Alex for planning and leading the walk;  Frances Cincotta and others for help with plant identification; and Euan Moore, Liz Martin and Bronwyn Silver for photos.  

The 2023 walks program will be sent to FOBIF members and posted on the website in January.

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