FOBIF’s walks guide: an update!

Parks Victoria is currently undertaking landscaping works around the Garfield Wheel in the Castlemaine Diggings NHP. These have changed the nature of the signage in the area, and therefore affect the directions we have given for Walk 8 in our book, 20 walks in the Mount Alexander region.

New landscaping around the Garfield Wheel foundations: though unfinished, they’re already an improvement to the precinct…and will be even better if they eliminate weeds in the area.

As at August 7, the directions to proceed from the wheel towards the Welsh Village in this walk are as follows: take your bearings from the Goldfields Track sign (pictured). Walk forward (direction Castlemaine) about a hundred metres to the yellow topped walk post. Disregard it, and take the track about 10 metres to its right, currently marked by dark posts, with no signage. This is the Dirty Dicks track. It takes you past various mining works, and is marked by grey posts.

As the works around the wheel and on Dirty Dick’s track are completed, we are assuming that this track away from the wheel will be more clearly signposted.

The works around the Wheel are part of a project to improve access to the Welsh Village. So far, they’re looking good. We have hopes that before they’re finished, Parks will have eliminated the Bridal Creeper infestations in the precinct.

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