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In a recent post we reported on the Victorian Government decision to create three new national parks in central-west Victoria. Alison Pouliot comments below on proposed long delays in stopping logging in these parks. She has also produced a terrific video, ‘Listen to the Forest’, on the ecological importance of the forests (see link below).

The fight for the proposed Victorian National Parks must continue . . . .

Following years of campaigning by conservation groups, the Victorian State Government recently announced plans to enact three new National Parks in central-west Victoria (Wombat Forest, Mt Cole and Pyrenees Ranges). While this is very welcome news, extensive logging by VicForests will be allowed to continue in the latter two until 2030. Commercial quantities of firewood will be extracted in the Wombat forest for the next four years. 

The environmental values of these forests are likely to be severely compromised by the time the National Parks are legislated. These forests contain the headwaters of major river systems, threatened species habitats and are an oasis of biodiversity in an otherwise highly fragmented landscape. It is vital that the proposed new National Parks are urgently declared and legislated.  We cannot wait until 2030. 

To contribute your voice, write to the Minister for the Environment, The Hon Lily D’Ambrosio c.c. 

and tell them why the forest is important to you and why the parks need to be urgently legislated.

You might also like to view this short video about these forests and the proposed parks by Alison Pouliot – Listen to the Forest or read the Victorian Government’s response to VEAC’s Central West Investigation.

Kangaroo Creek catchment KAN9064 © Alison Pouliot

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