Mushroom foraging with Alison Pouliot and Tom May

Have you ever wondered if those mushroom you have collected are safe to eat? Alison Pouliot and Tom May will answer all your queries about edible and toxic mushrooms in their new book, Wild Mushrooming; A Guide for Foragers, published by the CSIRO.

Alison is giving a series of regional talks about the book:

Finally, five years since we began, Wild Mushrooming: A Guide for Foragers is due for release on 1 March 2021. 
. . .
I’ll be giving talks about the writing of the book on:

Friday 5 March from 6pm-7:30pm in Trentham
Thursday 9 March from 7pm-8:30pm in Lockwood South
Thursday 18 March from 6pm–7:30pm in Creswick
Thursday 22 April from 6pm-7:30pm in Apollo Bay

and would love it if you could join us.

Information from Alison on other forays, workshops and seminars can be found here. Bookings are essential. 

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