Short video on fungi by Alison Pouliot

Alison Pouliot has given us the link to her terrific new video on fungi. Check it out if you’d like a neat summary of fungi in under 5 minutes from an expert.

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2 Responses to Short video on fungi by Alison Pouliot

  1. Valentine Franks says:

    Absolutely well done to all those concerned with the making of the Kingdom of fungi video.
    Excellent work indeed, with quality images backing up the storyline that left me – wanting more.

  2. Alex Panelli says:

    This is a gentle yet wonderful video ! I watched it – stopped and thought about it – then watched again.

    As I watched, it felt attentive and true – not only to what I commonly see and know of the world around me – but also to the still beyondness of it: the way that, as our living/dying home, it encompasses and exceeds all that we customarily find ways to acknowledge or approach.

    If only there was less presumptiveness in the world, and more attentiveness such as this, I think we would all (as time went by) feel more at home.

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