More lockdown reading!

The September issue of Wombat Forestcare newsletter is now out, and can be found here

As usual, it’s a great read, containing articles about owls, the continuing uncertain status of the Wombat Forest, bird calls, fungi, and a very sobering article on the legacy of mining in the Wombat.

In the light of extensive advertising in the local press of mining exploration in central Victoria, readers may be interested in an online petition run by  Blackwood group No Wombat Gold against mining the Wombat. It can be found here. Recent community action led by comedian Tom Gleeson stopped mining exploration activity in the Macedon Ranges, so these exploration proposals should not be seen as foregone conclusions.

It seems that the lure of gold never weakens. It’s very hard to assess the value of ventures which are periodically launched in this part of the world: all we can say is that many have launched, and many have sunk without trace. That is no cause for complacency.

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  1. lyn says:

    we are pretty sure that we have heard a barking owl on several occasions in Kalimna forest, Castlemaine.

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