FOBIF walk in Fryers Ridge

The first FOBIF excursion since March attracted a group of 10 walkers. The forecast didn’t look good but it turned out to be good walking weather with no wind or rain. Christine Henderson who led the walk and lives in the Fryers Ridge area was able to take us off-track on kangaroo paths where the understory was wonderfully damp and full of surprises. Here the group poses amongst a mass of Hakeas.

Walkers in the ‘Hakea garden’

Other plants in flower or about to flower included the Bendigo Wax-flower, Pink-Bells, Tall Greenhoods, Common Heath and Woolly Wattles. It’s been an excellent year for fungi. This rare fungi, Cortinarius rotundisporus, looked just like a fried egg.

Cortinarius rotundisporus

Another spectacular sight was a mass of lichen that looked like strewn cauliflowers.

Cladina confusa

Some other plants and moss we came across are shown below. 

Thanks to Christine Henderson for leading this walk and sharing her in depth knowledge of the area, Frances Cincotta for help with identifying plants and Joy Clusker for help with identifying fungi and lichen.

Our next FOBIF walk is planned to take place in the Columbine Creek area led by Jeremy. See walks page for more details. We are not sure if government regulations will place restrictions on the number of people allowed in a group outside so please consult this website for updated details. We may have to get people to register with FOBIF once again if they intend coming on the walk.

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